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What does it mean to Live in your Element? The answer has 2 parts. The first is the ancient belief of Ayurveda. That we all have an elemental nature which guides us to optimum wisdom and health. You have Fire (pitta), Water/Earth (kapha) and Infinity/Air (vata). Each of us falls into one of these elements and to live within your elemental nature is the longest lasting answer to unlocking life’s greatest balance.

The second; is to ignite a spark in which you may set yourself ablaze, this lies in your element. The place where your passions and your talent meet. It is the purpose of your life to find this place to create there, bask there and live there. Because when you Live in your Element, you will discover that you are the wisdom of nature, that you are the beauty in life.

A blue nautilus

The Nautilus; the symbol for our Live In Your Element Collection, is an expression of Fibonacci's Golden Ratio. It is the Beauty that is naturally created when connected to the Balance of nature. The perfect sequence it provides in nature proves its importance as a fundamental characteristic of the Universe. We see examples of this in plants and flowers, animals, shells, the human face, weather, galaxies, fruit and vegetables. It is all around us, it is the Wisdom of Nature and the Beauty in Life.